Pure Organic Cocoa Butter 8oz

Pure Organic Cocoa Butter 8oz

Our organic cocoa butter is a creamy whipped butter used to moisturize the face, hands, body and feet.  We use 100% Grade A cocoa butter imported from Ghana, Africa. Because of its ability to deeply absorb into the skin, far beyond any other butter, cocoa butter is the leading ingredient in many commercial stretch mark creams and lotions. It reduces their appearance by penetrating layers of skin, repairing and hydrating like no other. It’s also high in anti-oxidants and fatty acids and creates a barrier against free radicals. If you suffer from eczema or dermatitis, cocoa butter can help heal, sooth, and smooth your skin. It contains Anti-inflammatory agents that reduce swelling, stinging and redness. It’s loaded with vitamins K and E, full of saturated oleic, saturated stearic and palmitic acids, deeply moisturizes and repairs skin, fights fine lines, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and many skin issues. It also shields skin from pollution, sunlight and strong winds, soothes light burns (including sun burns) and alleviates the itching and burning that often accompany burn healing. Cocoa butter is completely safe for men, women, children and also pregnant moms. It helps stop the itching of stretching skin, strengthens and regenerates skin by enhancing collagen production, and it helps support the immune system through “cocoa mass polyphenol”. Many additional uses include: anti-inflammatory ointment, scalp treatment, hair serum, lip treatment, and salve.  At no point is the information, or product offerings contained within this site/webpage meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease, nor replace medical treatment.
  • Ingredients:

    Pure raw cocoa butter, Coconut Oil & Almond oil. 

  • Shipping:

    We do not use stabilizers or emulsifiers in our products. If ordering during warm temperature months the product may melt while in transit. If this should occur you should place it in the refrigerator upon receipt. This allows the product to become solid again and able to be used. Although this changes the appearance of the product it does not change the effectiveness, 

    All Orders are Shipped within 3-5 business days . 

    All orders are shipped via USPS unless otherwise arranged. 

  • Shelf Life:

    6 months- 1 year

    All of our products are made to order. 

  • Directions for Use:

    Apply liberally to the boby and rub in.