South African Lavender Soap Bar

When all you want is a true, pure, soothing Lavender oil, a beautiful sprinkling of Lavender Petals, in a delectable soap that is super rich in Plant Based Oils and Butters look no further. 
I've avoided making just any Lavender Soap. It needed to be real, and it needed to be really good. Lavender Essential Oil is by far the most sought after and scientifically studied floral oil in the world. It's unique ability to heal, soothe, calm, cleanse, protect and purify has been demonstration over thousands of years. I wanted my Pure Lavender Soap to smell floral and woodsy, but not too musky and Earthy.  I was looking for an Essential Oil that when you smell it, you know exactly what it is. Nothing more, nothing less. In my research of the different types of lavender I came across the African Lavender that’s grown in South Africa. I immediately knew that was it. I also didn’t want to to color my soap an unnatural shade of purple, but wanted it to be pretty so I added the lavender flowers. I’ve had so many request for lavender soap and I wanted to make sure I delivered. My local clients are absolutely in love with this soap. I sell out almost every batch in one day at the gym. It’s literally the only soap these ladies will buy. I wanted to give my online clients the opportunity to try this amazing soap so I created an extra batch and I’m setting it aside just for you. 
Made with Coconut Oil to soothe and gently cleans, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Shea Butter and Olive Oil to protect and soften. Castor Oil is also added for extra bubbly goodness and for softening the skin. This is a TRUE ALL NATURAL lavender soap. I sincerely hope you Enjoy it.
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