Sea Salt Scrub 8oz (pick your fragrance)

Sea Salt Scrub 8oz (pick your fragrance)


Our Sea Salt Scrub will help you Exfoliate and Buff away dull, dry skin to promote skin renewal. Skin will feel supple, soft, smooth, and refreshed. Our combination of Sweet Smelling Essential Oils, Healing Herbs and Shea Butter will give you a true spa experience. You can pick a fragrance or choose  “natural” (unscented). 

  • Ingredients:

    Sea Salt, Essential Oils, Healing Herbs & Shea Butter.

  • Directions for Use:

    Starting at your feet, with yor skin completely wet, rub the sea salt into your skin from your toes on up to the top of your thighs. Short circular strokes are best. You always want to move towards the heart. 

    Then go over the same area again. Rub from your stomach up to your chest. This is an extra sensitive area but will get desensitized as your master skin exfoliation. Move on to your arms, going from the fingertips on up to the shoulders. Rub the skin on your buttocks from bottom to top. Rub the lower back on up to the shoulders (you may need help with this). Then, take your shower. Out of the shower, while skin is still we slather on moisturizer. Pat yourself dry then add more if needed. At first, you'll find your skin, will really need a lot of moisture.

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