Sea Moss, Sea Kelp & Cocoa Butter Soap

The light sweet seaside scent in this natural facial and body soap coupled with the invigorating hint of cocoa butter will make you feel like you are relaxing by the ocean. 

This Natural Soap is rich in skin nourishing Sea Moss & Sea Kelp which is rich in nutrients and is an excellent stimulant and exfoliant. 
These herbs have been known to heal, hydrate, detoxify and re-mineralize the skin. Their amino acids, and slippery texture, act as a conditioner to the skin as well. Sea moss gently polishes the skin, while the unrefined cocoa butter moisturizes. I also added chamomile herbs to stimulant exfoliation. 
This natural soap is amazingly blissful and refreshing in every shower.

My amazing creation utilizes the following ingredients: Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, 
Organic Cocoa Butter, Jamaican Purple Sea Moss, Sea Kelp, Chamomile Herbs and Chamomile Essential Oil and a little Castor oil. 

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