Naturally Vegan | Family Deodorant

Naturally Vegan | Family Deodorant

My all natural, vegan deodorant was crafted for families that want a natural alternative for those store bought deodorants packed with harmful chemicals that can cause issues and adverse reactions over time. This deodorant is great for the whole family.. even for your active little ones in desperate need of something natural  for those funky little pits. That’s right children can also use my deodorant. 

My Lavender, Patchouli and TeaTree blend is the perfect unisex scent that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Instead of using beeswax, I chose Candelilla wax. A plant based wax that comes from the Candillia shrub.

The coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter are wonderful products to use as a base for deodorants because they are naturally anti-bacterial,  kills fungi, yeast and bacteria... they help eliminate the bacteria that can build up under your arms and cause both odor and pimples. This mix isn’t greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin, so it won't spread onto your clothes. This combination is also non-comedogenic, unlike many other moisturizers, so it will keep your skin soft and smooth but it won't clog your pores.

What does the arrowroot do?
The arrowroot helps to neutralize odor and absorb moisture. 

How does magnesium work ?
Magnesium Hydroxide does not absorb into the skin. Instead, its main purpose in a natural deodorant is to fight any odor causing bacteria on the surface of the skin without impacting the dermis the layer of skin where sweat glands, pores and hair follicles are contained. Research has shown sweat does not cause an odor, rather the bacteria clinging to the hair and skin does. Magnesium hydroxide balances the body’s natural pH and helps fight bacteria without clogging the pores or irritating the skin.

Why was Zinc added?
Do you shave your pits? Then the zinc was added for you. It is a skin protectant that is used to soothe minor skin irritation.
Ingredients: Candelilla Wax, Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Coco Butter, Magnesium Hydroxide, Zinc Gluconate, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Patchouli, Lavender and Tea Tree
Directions: Apply a dime to nickel size amount to clean pits with clean hands. Reapply as needed. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. Results may vary due to the arm pit detox period if this is your first time using natural deodorant.