Kaolin Clay, Shea Butter & Raw Coconut Milk Soap Bar


Feel the difference of nature’s best with Shea Butter imported from Ghana by the Women’s Cooperative at SeKaf Shea Butter Village with 100% Pure All Natural Organic Kaolin Clay and Organic Raw Coconut Milk packed into a creamy silky smooth and nourishing bar of soap.
Shea butter is extremely moisturizing and full of vitamins that are great for your skin, including vitamins A, E, and F. It also contains linolenic acid and other types of fatty acids your skin needs.
Kaolin White Clay is one of the nature’s most versatile mineral-rich clays. As with many other cosmetic clays, kaolin is known for its detoxifying effect on the skin – it’s been used for centuries for its anti-inflammatory and anti-acne properties. Raw Coconut Milk is high in fatty acids, proteins, vitamin E and C. It has excellent moisturising and repairing properties, helps maintain elasticity and flexibility and prevents sagging skin, age spots and gives you amazing hair and skin.
This soap is suitable for ALL skin types, including babies and those with the most sensitive skin.. it is also very beneficial for combination skin. It gently restores the oil balance in the skin, detoxifies and mineralizes all in one go. Made without fragrances, colorants, animals fats or palm oil. 



                                           ✔️Cruelty Free

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  • Ingredients:

    Organic Kaolin Clay, Organic Raw Coconut Milk, Pure Raw Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide.

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