Infused Body Oil Collection

Infused Body Oil Collection

Have you ever had a familiar fragrance spontaneously drift past and find yourself instantly indulging in a past memory, or inhaling just a touch deeper, to get more of it? Well, when I was thinking about making my summertime body oils I knew they had to have some citrus in them and a touch of floral, for those hot summer breezes that carry a hint of tropical flowers. 
So after much deliberation I created 5 infused body oil blends with some of my favorite flowers that are perfect for the summertime. Your skin will glisten and glow and the scents are beautiful. These oils are all natural, so they’re super healthy and safe for even the most sensitive skin.

5 Amazing Fragrances
Lavender Calm- lavender & bergamot
Calendula Sunrise- patchouli & lemongrass
Butterfly Pea- sweet orange, grapefruit & peppermint 
Rose “High Vibes”- rose, frankincense & grapefruit 
Jasmine after dark- jasmine & bergamot

FYI: due to issues relating to covid-19 all of my oils will temporarily come with a screw on top instead of the spray top. I’m currently unable to secure my original bottles but I still want to offer my oils. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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