Hemp Oil, Hemp Milk & Neem Soap Bar

I am so in love with this Soap. As with almost all of my soaps it doubles as an amazingly effective and healthy hair shampoo bar but I don’t know if it’s the Hemp, the Neem…or maybe it’s the luxurious lather with all the fatty acids and glycerin my skin needs and LOVES. I don’t know, but the ingredients in this bar makes me look forward to bathing. It includes coconut oil for cleansing, castor oil for bubbles and hair love, with hemp oil, hemp milk, neem, mango seed butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, and apricot kernel oil for more skin and hair love. This is a very high quality luxurious soap bar. If you’ve never tried my soaps, I highly suggest this one. Your hair & skin will love you for it.

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