Deep Reverie | Linen & Pillow Mist

Deep Reverie | Linen & Pillow Mist

This beautifully scented linen and pillow mist freshens bedding, fills your space and senses with the calming and relaxing aroma of essential waters and plant extracts, and prevents and soothes irritated skin. This aromatic spray will instantly transform your bedroom into a fresh, clean, and spiritually calming retreat. 


Flower Water
The cleansing and purifying properties promote skin health and its delicate aroma promotes calmness and relaxation. 

Promotes calmness and sleep. Treats mild skin conditions. 

Tea Tree 
Promotes healthy, clean, and hydrated skin with its cleansing and purifying properties. 

Clary Sage 
Soothes and moisturizes while purifying the skin and clearing negativity energy from the space. 

Aloe Vera
Has cleansing and moisturizing properties that help promote healthy skin while soothing dryness and irritation. 

So what Does it do?

* create a calming and peaceful scent that helps you relax, fall asleep and stay asleep. 
* features the potent cleansing abilities of  Flower Water, Tea Tree, and Aloe Vera but it also contains Clary Sage which removes negative energy. 
* purifies your pillows, pillowcases, beddings, blankets, and other linens your skin comes in contact with during sleep to help soothe skin and prevent acne and other breakouts. 

DIRECTIONS FOR USE. Apply directly to your pillowcases and the surrounding area before going to bed at night,  taking a nap during the day or before meditation. Use as often as desired.