CBD Beard Oil

CBD Beard Oil

Give your beard what it needs to stand up big and strong. My CBD beard oil can help with coarse hair, hair growth, dry or irritated skin, and many other conditions that your beard is suffering from. On top of all those benefits, it will also give your beard a better look overall and give you a more “kept” look of manliness. As an added bonus, the smell is absolutely amazing. You will thank me later.

GlassWing Organics’s premium CBD Beard Oil Product Information:

• My CBD Beard Oil helps to hydrate and maintain your beard while delivering the potential benefits of CBD to your hair and skin.
• CBD Oil contains natural anti-inflammatory properties, which help eliminate redness, itching, and discomfort.
• This luxurious CBD Beard Oil blend deeply moisturizes your facial hair, making it easy to achieve a groomed, polished look.
• My signature formula includes Tea Tree Oil for a subtle yet masculine scent.
• Simply massage CBD Beard Oil into your facial hair after showering or cleansing for immediate nourishment.
• My CBD Beard Oil features a handcrafted formula of luxurious oils, including tea tree, jojoba, marula, & vitamin E for a naturally silky and hydrating finish.
• My CBD oil is sourced from organic, premium-grade Industrial Hemp for maximum wellness benefits.

Additional Product Info:
• 4oz bottle of CBD Beard Oil
• 100mg of certified pure CBD
• Tested by third-party labs
• Non-THC
• Not a Marijuana product

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