Anemia Tea Plus | with 102 Minerals

Anemia Tea Plus | with 102 Minerals

My Anemia Tea is the answer for those who have low iron and are currently suffering with Anemia. Iron is an important element in boosting and maintaining the immune system. 
This tea contains some very iron rich herbs and I added some iron rich dried fruits to make it taste better. It also contains all 102 minerals your body needs to sustain itself. This tea blend will normalize your iron levels, boost your immune system, aide in mental clarity and give you energy. 
All you need is 1 jar of my tea and at least 10 days of consistency. 

So what’s in it..
Sarsaparilla, burdock root, dandelion root, yellow dock, sea moss, stinging nettle, blessed thistle, Quassia, Guaco, Chaparral & dried apricot, peaches, raisins, cranberries, nectarines and dates. 


Take a small handful (about 3 tbsps) and boil it down in about 3 cup of water for 15 – 30 minutes on the lowest heat. Drink the tea within 10 minutes and save the herbs.
Boil the herbs a second time. This time the tea will have a much milder taste but is still beneficial. Drink this accompanied with plenty of spring water as it may loosen up a lot of phlegm. 

Boil down another 3 tbsps of herbs in 3 cups of water in the same manor as you did during the morning. Save the herbs and boil a second time. Drink the tea again with plenty of water. 
It’s very important that you stay consistent. Do this every day for at least 10 days. You should feel a profound difference after 10 days. 
Once you reach this point you’ll only need to take it once a day and its up to you if you decide to boil the herbs down more than once. 

It’s important to BE CONSISTENT it’s not a big deal if you miss a cup or 2 during the 10 days but it takes time to boost you iron levels. You won’t get anything out of it if you just drink it once in a while.