African Black Soap Bar

Pure African Black Soap is healthiest soap in the world. African Black Soap contains more healthy skincare benefits than any other on the market today. African Black Soap is made by hand from burned plantain skins, palm leaves, banana bark, cocoa pods, and palm kernel oil for an all-natural cleansing process. It is made by combining burnt leaves of plantain and palm as well as banana bark, cocoa pods and palm oil. The mixture is stirred for at least 24 hours by hand, after which it is left to cure for at least two weeks. Plantains skins and banana bark contain naturally occurring vitamins A, K, E and iron.
Black Soap will soften rough skin and relieve skin irritation caused by acne and rashes. It is beneficial for naturally treating other skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and it also relieves the symptoms of itching and scaling. This soap contains oils that are beneficial to the scalp and hair which provides thorough cleansing, shiny hair and dandruff treatment. The glycerin content acts as a humectant which will maintain moisture in the hair shaft. People with naturally occurring oily hair should not use African Black Soap in their hair.  It is 100% natural and contains no chemicals which will return your skin to a natural balance along with destroying unwanted bacteria. Black Soap is gentle enough to be used on the face, babies skin and the elderly.  It can also be used to clean minor abrasions and wounds in a bath soak or directly.
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