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How To Start A Simple “All Natural” Skincare Regimen

Skin care products can be a major source of toxins for many people. Most are packed with chemicals and artificial ingredients that might have a temporary positive effect on the skin, but will have negative long term effects.

These artificial ingredients can also be absorbed into the skin and build up in the body.The good news is that there are natural, simple and inexpensive options that actually work better than most commercial products, and without all the harmful ingredients.

In general, the natural oil cleansing method is a great solution for any skin type.

You can make your own homemade oil cleansing blend that’s really simple, affordable and effective.


If you have oily skin switching to gentle and natural skin care options often goes a long way toward removing excess oil production, but in the meantime using natural ingredients can help prevent breakouts and remove excess oil.

To Exfoliate:

A mix of equal parts sea salt and oil (like olive or almond) creates a natural scrub that will help remove impurities without stripping excess oils.

To Cleanse:

Oil Cleansing is my go-to cleansing method for any skin type. Generally, those with oily skin will need a higher amount of castor oil in relation to the other oils to keep skin from becoming too oily during transition. In general, a 2/3 castor oil 1/3 olive oil mix seems to work best for oily skin.


Those with oily skin will need less moisturizing as skin adjusts, and often, the natural oils from oil cleansing are enough. If not, a very light layer of coconut oil works, or for those who find that too oily, a diluted apple cider vinegar toner helps keep oil at bay. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water stored in the fridge works great…


Those with skin that is not typically oily or dry and that responds well to different types of products and makeup usually adjust very quickly to natural skin care options. Those with this type of skin also usually can use a variety of different options and still have good results.

To Exfoliate:

A homemade sugar scrub is a wonderful natural exfoliator for normal skin. Combine equal parts of brown sugar and coconut oil. Brown sugar is softer than granulated sugar and is perfect for the face. Granulated sugar should be reserved for the body.

To Cleanse:

Oil Cleansing is a wonderful option for every skin type, but is very balancing for normal skin. Usually a mix of about 1/4 castor oil and 3/4 of another oil (olive, almond, etc) works great.

To Moisturize:

Those with normal skin tend to do well with most moisturizing options and often don’t need anything additional as a moisturizer. When needed, my favorite options are simply a dab of coconut oil or shea butter alone.


Those with dry or aging skin often benefit immediately from natural skin care options. Often, using natural oils on the skin helps the skin to balance oil production and stop being dry to begin with.

To Exfoliate:

Often, exfoliating is not needed for this skin type. A brown sugar scrub with coconut oil can be a way to add natural oils and gently remove dead skin if you think it’s needed.

To Cleanse:

Castor oil is the more drying oil in oil cleansing. Usually only a tiny amount of castor is needed (about a teaspoon of castor oil in 1/4 cup of another oil like olive or almond).

To Moisturize:

Homemade (all natural) whipped body butters are all excellent moisturizing options for dry skin types. Plain organic shea butter is also a simple and effective option.


There are a ton of anti-aging products available but the best options are the ones you take internally. I cannot express how beneficial water is for healthy skin. If you can get in at least a gallon per day, you will have beautiful skin. There are a few herbal teas that are very beneficial for healthy skin as well. My favorites are dandelion root, burdock root, jasmine, green tea (matcha) and black tea (kombucha). Of course and as always a healthy vegan diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and minimal to no processed foods is the best way to achieve perfectly beautiful skin and health.

Remember, these are just tips for a starting point. Do your own research and add or takeaway based on your own needs.

Much peace to you ✌🏾

Sending my Love & Light 💕✨

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